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GOOD-BYE [December 31st, 2009 03:14 AM]
[ mood | thoughtful ]


I have spent hours today looking over old entries in this journal. I must say, that my life at those times had been a complete, and utter roller-coaster ride. I have now finally come into myself a new person. Stronger, more brave, more confident, smarter, and most of all...HAPPIER! I cannot believe how unhealthy past relationships and friendships were. I read over entries where I thought I'd never come out the same or pick myself back up. I read about times where I thought my life would crash because someone I loved didn't love me the same. Boy was I wrong! What I ended up learning is that time heals all wounds. And now that I no longer need these emotional band-aids, I can let this journal go. They say when one door shuts, another one opens and I couldn't agree more. So this door has shut. You will not find any entries behind or after this one. They have simply been let go, just as I'm letting this go.

You can choose to keep me added as a friend, or let me go. It's up to you. I do come back seldom to this journal, because there are communities on here that I am surely addicted to. So I'm sure I'll stumble across your posts every now and then. But the option is completely up to you. Take care all, and ..

Much Luv,

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